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Critical Machine Parts helps manufacturers using and building equipment at the component level of their machines. For end-users and machine builders, we manage the product life cycle of motion control parts on your machine component lists to avoid supply chain bottlenecks. Lead-time information and documentation for MTBF standards to specific machine components are included with our products and services. 



Streamline critical machine part replacements for more effective manufacturing.


Critical Machine Parts Contact Information 


Keary Donovan

500 S Eight St

Boise, ID 83702


1-310-938-3973 (Mountain Time Zone)




Clear and accurate forms keep you up to date throughout your purchasing experience.


Critical Machine Parts will send a confirmation of your order by email when your order is placed. The confirmation will include all product pricing, applicable taxes, and shipping charges as shown on your order prior to submission. f


A tracking reference is then provided along with an expected shipping and delivery date. 


Once the order has shipped, your credit card is charged and a receipt will be sent via email. Be sure to print or save your email notifications for your records.

Shipping Information 

Critical Machine Parts has been in the motion control industry since 1997 and concentrates on communicating and navigating the manufacturers' ingrained fulfillment policies and procedures, smoothing out the order processes for you. 


The part number's product page includes the available delivery, and typically a “Product Option” as reliable delivery. 


UPS Online Tools are used for real-time quotes before checking out in the order process.


Shipping locations in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles are available for the most advantageous delivery, and we have drop-ship agreements with all of our suppliers for expedited air deliveries.


Drop Shipments are great for saving delivery time, but there is some potential confusion to be aware of as our customer. 

Packing Lists: The manufacturer's information is included on the form, but they are unable to identify your package because they are using their own order information. To avoid confusion, Critical Machine Parts includes as much of your purchase order information as possible on the manufacturer's factory packing list. We are eager to act as your agent and are always available for any fulfillment questions you have.


Sales and Use Tax 

Manufacturers have a great deal of confusion to deal with in terms of the collection of sales tax for online orders. Critical Machine Parts is a strictly online sales organization, and does not charge sales tax except for the states where our administration and shipping locations are located. However, in the case of drop shipments, some manufacturers require that the resale certificate match the Ship To address, or they collect sales and use tax which will be included as a line item on your order confirmation from mota, llc. The amount is based on the wholesale price of your order. This collection is the manufacturers' reaction to and a shield from the confusion in the States' administering of the tax, and the Courts' conflicting rulings. For more information regarding the issues of "Nexus" and "Physical Presence" as it relates to the collection of sales and use taxes during a drop shipment, we've included this link: Sales and Use Tax Information.


Third Party, Collect Accounts

We understand the desire to control inbound shipping charges, but this shipment method requires manual verification because the shipping companies state that charges revert back to the shipper. For this reason a fee is added to all orders requesting collect shipments using the receivers' account numbers. 


UPS recommends that if the receiver wants to use their account number, they should print and send the label to the shipper. This is also out of the normal shipping operations and will incur the same drop-shipment charge (identified on the invoice). We can only guarantee this service for packages shipped by Critical Machine Parts. Suppliers' operations are inflexible and will not be able to accept your printed labels. UPS Contact Info: 1-800-742-5877. UPS Policy.


FedEx has two different types of collect accounts: FedEx Ground Collect and Express C.O.D. for overnight. The same policy of reverting back to the shipper occurs. FedEx Revenue Service: 1-800-622-1147. FedEx Service Guide.


Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: 

Critical Machine Parts is a resller of new industrial automation components.  All refunds and returns negotiated but are depedent on the original manufacturer of the part. If you are concerned about their policies please confirm before ordering. Also, we have tech support available to help choose the appropriate parts which will help avoid returns.