2 Fixes for an Ugly Supply Chain

2 Fixes for an Ugly Supply Chain

Posted by Keary Donovan on May 17th 2023

The news is still pretty ugly about supply chain woes. Now that everyone has overstocked, the freight industry is staring at a lack of demand. The lack of demand is running carriers out of business which is going to further dampen the ability to get goods. "An Unusually Terrible Freight Market May Get A Lot Worse" Craig Fuller, CEO at FreightWaves May, 2023

1) Predictive maintenance has never been more crucial.

Critical Machine Parts offers three maintenance services to avoid downtime related to Industrial Control Systems:

  • Predictive Maintenance - Our out-of-the-box solution is a CMMS Appliance Kit that's pre-programmed to create work orders triggered by vibration and temperature alarms. 
  • Planned Maintenance - Subscribe to product lifecycle reports to avoid long lead times from suppliers.
  • Reactive Maintenance - Cross reference to standard parts and mult-source your components for quicker deliveries.

2) Request an operations review with Pathways7 Systems Consulting.

Pathways7 is a systems consulting firm for Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our owner helps SMEs use Information Systems to compete more effectively. Careful and secure data integration that supports company missions is the key to success. Clients are better able to develop new markets, continually improve business and manufacturing processes, and exceed their KPIs. Our ecosystem of products, channel partners, and clients advance our manufacturing and supply chain customers’ goals.